IgnitionDeck Product Updates September 2023

IgnitionDeck Updates

September continues our theme for this year to improve our customers’ overall experience, especially the first-touch experience with our product. We’ve added the ability to create a quick demo project so you can see what your IgnitionDeck install looks like with crowdfunding data applied to it.

September 2023 Crowdfunding Product Updates

IgnitionDeck Foundation


  • (New) Introduced a Configure tab in the IgnitionDeck » Dashboard to make it easier to set up the basic requirements of the IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding platform including default pages, site configuration settings, and a brand new Sample Project function to create and populate a demo project
  • (Fix) Changed the approach on the reCAPTCHA on-click event that blocked activity on subsequent logins to a site in certain browsers
  • (Fix) Plugin dependancy update notifications had accidentally been disabled. Now notices of IDCF and IDC updates will appear again.
  • Version bump and update dependency version numbers
  • Tested successfully with WP v. 6.3.0 and v. 6.3.1
  • Files changed: idf.php, idf.php, readme.txt, languages_default/idf.pot, classes/class-idf-wizard.php, classes/modules/helix/templates/admin/_settingsMenu.php, classes/modules/recaptcha/class-recaptcha.php, classes/modules/recaptcha/js/id_recaptcha-min.js, classes/modules/recaptcha/js/id_recaptcha.js, classes/modules/recaptcha/templates/admin/_settingsMenu.php, css/idf-wizard.css, js/idf-wizard.js, templates/admin/_idfMenu.php, templates/admin/_idfMenu/configure.php, andtemplates/admin/_idfMenu/themes.php
  • New files: images/demo-project.png, images/icon-install.png, images/icon-tools.png

IgnitionDeck Commerce


  • (New) Automatically create IDC products and associations to support the new Sample Project functionality introduced in IDF 1.9.0
  • (Fix) Styling of error messages on checkout to make them legible
  • (Update) Old support forum links corrected to email support
  • (Update) Version bump
  • Files changed: idcommerce.php, idcommerce-shortcodes.php, idcommerce-filters.php, css/style-min.css

IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding


  • (Fix) Remove redundant “Categories” and “Tags” from IgnitionDeck project custom post type.
  • (Update) Version bump
  • Files changed: ignitiondeck.php, ignitiondeck-admin.php

Have a great rest of your week!

— The IgnitionDeck Team
Jay, Emma, Baljinder, and Alex

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