IgnitionDeck Product Updates July 2023

IgnitionDeck Updates

The heat is rising all over the place in the parts of the world that observe Summertime, which means the IgnitionDeck team continues to bring the 🔥 every day ending in Y! That’s right, another month brings with it another set of updates to your favorite Open Source Crowdfunding Platform!

July 2023 Crowdfunding Product Updates

IgnitionDeck Foundation


  • (Fix) Resetting default value for active modules if its not an array
  • (Fix) Conditional check of license presence/status for correct module display and activation
  • Version bump and update dependency version numbers
  • Files Changed: idf.php, readme.txt, languages_default/idf.pot, classes/class-id_modules.php, classes/modules/recaptcha/class-recaptcha.php, and classes/modules/recaptcha/module_info.json

IgnitionDeck Commerce


  • Disable Google Ecommerce module if license is expired
  • Hide Coinpayments module if license is expired or invalid
  • Hide Stripe checkout module functionality if license is expired
  • Added redirection after login to refrerer page instead of wp default login with error message
  • Updated the condition to check when all plugins are loaded
  • Merge branch ‘8-Login-error-redirect’ into 122-Hide-Paid-modules-if-license-is-expired-or-invalid
  • fixed fatal error issue found in release

    IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding


    • Added condition to check is_array before count()
    • Added functionality to edit backers comment
    • Removed multiple List, Showing only Order’s comment, Added comments to view and edit
    • Fixed blank comment issue and notices error
    • Merge branch ‘comment-update-functionality-for-admin’ into 58-Deck-Builder-PHP-8.2-fatal-error-fix
    • Updated order id to match comment id
    • Merge branch ‘comment-update-functionality-for-admin’ into 58-Deck-Builder-PHP-8.2-fatal-error-fix
    • Merge pull request from ignitionwp/58-Deck-Builder-PHP-8.2-fatal-error-fix

      Have a great rest of your week!

      — The IgnitionDeck Team
      Jay, Emma, Baljinder, and Alex

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