IgnitionDeck Product Updates February 2023

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We’re nearly halfway through February 2023. Christmas is just around the corner… I kid, but the older you get, the faster these years go. As a nearly-fifty-year-old guy, the struggle is real. Anyway, we have some maintenance updates to the IgnitionDeck platform for February.

If Valentine’s Day is a thing where you’re at, and you observe it, well, hats off to you then. I’ll be eating Hotpockets and watching The Last of Us by myself. =(

February 2023 Product Updates

IgnitionDeck Foundation


  • Version bump and update dependency version numbers
  • Files changed: idf.php, languages_default/idf.pot, and readme.txt


  • Version bump and update dependency version numbers
  • Files changed: idf.php, languages_default/idf.pot, and readme.txt


  • (Fix) Bug with PWYW functionality being prevented from progressing from lightbox to checkout with “0” value
  • Version bump and update dependency version numbers
  • Files changed: idf.php, js/idf.js. js/idf-min.js, languages_default/idf.pot, and readme.txt

IgnitionDeck Commerce


  • (Fix) Duplicate payment issue with legacy Stripe integration and new Stripe API library version
  • (Fix) Blank email, fname, lname issue in WP Engine hosting environment
  • (Update) Version bump
  • Changed files: idcommerce.php, idcommerce-shortcodes.php, js/lightbox-min.js, js/idcommerce-min.js


  • (Fix) Paypal IPN duplicate order issue with custom project grid
  • (Fix) Issue in fee mods related to custom project grid
  • (Fix) Undefined error in IDC products and broken Update button on existing products
  • (Update) Version bump
  • Changed files: idcommerce.php, idcommerce-admin.php, js/idcommerce.js, js/lightbox-min.js, classes/modules/fee_mods/js/fee_mods.js, and classes/modules/fee_mods/js/fee_mods-min.js

IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding


  • (Fix) Social networking sharing URL for project Blocks
  • (Improvement) Introduce Pinterest sharing URL for project Blocks to be consistent with ID Social sharing options
  • (Update) Version bump
  • Changed files: ignitiondeck.php, blocks/blocks.php, blocks/build/index.asset.php, blocks/build/index.js, blocks/build/style-index.css, blocks/src/featured-project/index.js, and blocks/src/featured-project/style.scss

Looking to Talk to Freelancers and Agency Owners.

If run an Agency or you’re a freelancer, and you build Crowdfunding Solutions for your clients we want to talk to you!

We recently rolled out our Partner Directory and we’re hoping to connect with our community who build IgnitionDeck websites and are looking to boost their visibility and lead generation. Program details can be found here.

Have a great rest of your week!

— The IgnitionDeck Team
Jay, Emma, Baljinder, and Alex

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