Happy Trails, Karl. You Will Be Missed.

It was almost a year ago when we recruited Karl Lindsay, a brilliant photographer, world traveler, and truly kind-hearted gentleman, to join the team and lead our Fundify support efforts post-acquisition. Since then, he has not only been our saving grace in helping us provide support for customers of the AppThemer Crowdfunding plugin and its associated themes (Fundify & Crowdpress), he has also become an invaluable member of our operations department.

It was only with Karl’s knowledge and dedication that we have been able to make the acquisition of those legacy products, and the support for them through their sunset period, go smoothly for the customers caught in the middle while we built new versions of the two themes that run on IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding instead.

Regardless of where on Planet Earth he happens to be at any given moment (somewhere in Alaska capturing auroras, or deep in Africa hangin out with cheetahs), Karl has consistently provided top-notch customer support to our customers and team.

Alas, as the saying goes, all good things must end, and so Karl will be leaving us today to continue his world travels. On Karl’s photography site, he writes:

“They say life is what you make it but I have found that we discover life’s true meaning when we give ourselves away… So I’m trying to make my life a blessing to others.”

Well, Karl, you’ve certainly been a blessing to us and to our customers. Thanks, Karl. The IgnitionDeck team wishes you the very best in everything you go on to do 🙂

To everyone else, if you haven’t already, be sure to check out Karl Lindsay’s stunning photography. He’s @karljl on Twitter, karllindsayphotography on Instagram, and his Facebook page is facebook.com/karllindsayphotography.

You rock, Karl!!

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