IgnitionDeck Updates October, 2022

IgnitionDeck Updates

Things have been a little tight-lipped around the ol’ IgnitionDeck product space. Not to worry, the team has been hard at work fixing bugs, planning for the future, and optimizing what we already have, all while providing awesome customer service to yet awesome-er customers (hat tip Emma!).

IgnitionDeck Product Updates

These updates are from October and September 2022.

IgnitionDeck Foundation


  • Version bump and update dependency version numbers
  • Files changed: idf.php, languages_default/idf.pot, and readme.txt


  • (Update) Added check on IgnitionDeck on uninstallation for dependent plugins
  • Version bump and update dependency version numbers
  • Files changed: idf.php, uninstall.php, languages_default/idf.pot, and readme.txt

IgnitionDeck Commerce


  • (Fix) Add credit card images into plugin itself instead of hosted external (and broken as a result!)
  • (Update) Version bump
  • Added file: images/creditcards-full2.png
  • Changed files: idcommerce.php, templates/_checkoutForm.php


  • (Fix) Yoast SEO plugin conflict
  • (Fix) Payment gateway buttons missing on some non-ID theme checkout pages
  • (Improvement) Anonymous Donations & Comments module compatiblity for Stripe Checkout payment gateway
  • (Update) Version bump
  • Changed files: idcommerce.php, idcommerce-functions.php, js/idcommerce.js, js/idcommerce-min.js, classes/modules/stripecheckout/js/id_stripe.js, classes/modules/stripecheckout/js/id_stripe-min.js, classes/modules/stripecheckout/templates/admin/_adminMenu.php, classes/modules/stripecheckout/templates/_checkoutStripeCheckoutDescription.php, and classes/modules/stripecheckout/templates/_checkoutStripeCheckoutDescriptionPreAuth.php

IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding


  • (Fix) Fatal error on brand new installations under PHP 8 when saving location of default checkout page
    Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Attempt to assign property "currency_code"
  • (Fix) Error when retrieving company twitter and google accounts
  • (Update) Version bump
  • Changed files: ignitiondeck.php, ignitiondeck-admin.php, and ignitiondeck-enterprise.php


  • (Fix) External checkout URL on projects. An external URL can now (again) be set to direct a project’s Support Now and reward levels to a payment page off-site (i.e. PayPal donation form)
  • (Fix) Fatal error when deleting IgnitionDeck if the IgnitionDeck Foundation plugin (/ignitiondeck/) is deleted before it’s dependants (/ignitiondeck-crowdfunding/ and /idcommerce/) 
  • (Fix) Deprecated JS actions (hover, click, change, bind, and submit) resulting in a warning removed for file ignitiondeck.min.js. Updated to on( mouseover/click/change/submit).
  • (Update) Version bump
  • Changed files: ignitiondeck.php, js/ignitiondeck-admin.js, js/ignitiondeck-admin-min.js, classes/class-id_project.php, templates/_igWidget.php, and templates/_lbLevelSelect.php

New Resource

For those of you who are new to Crowdfunding, welcome! It’s a big, bold world out there with all the many ways you can build a business around Crowdfunding.

Thus, we have a new resource to share with you. Our Crowdfunding Guide serves as a one-stop resource to get you from I don’t know a thing about this to I know kung-fu about Crowdfunding. The Matrix reference may not stick, but the knowledge you learn from our guide will!

Other Ideas

We’re looking to create a Crowdfunding glossary as a companion resource to our new Crowdfunding Guide. Look for that in the coming months.

Also, as a team, we’ve been kicking around the idea of creating an IgnitionDeck partner agency program. It will be a network of featured development partners with intimate knowledge of IgnitionDeck. The resource seeks to help those find a capable and trustworthy IgnitionDeck development partner.

We receive many customization requests, and we don’t always have the bandwidth to serve every request.

We’d love to hear from you if you’re an agency or freelance developer who works with IgnitionDeck.

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