IgnitionDeck Product Updates June 2023

IgnitionDeck Updates

It’s summer, it’s time for BBQs, pool parties, and your friend Doug Petersen, who is definitely bringing his mankini to the cookout in spite of your many protests, but first let’s dive into those IgnitionDeck Product updates for June 2023, shall we?

June 2023 Crowdfunding Product Updates

IgnitionDeck Foundation


  • (Update) Added reCAPTCHA version 3 with the option to choose v2 or v3 in the back-end
  • (New) Added reCAPTCHA on login and registration form of ID
  • Version bump and update dependency version numbers
  • Files Changed: idf.php, readme.txt, languages_default/idf.pot, classes/modules/recaptcha/class-recaptcha.php, classes/modules/recaptcha/templates/admin/_settingsMenu.php, classes/modules/recaptcha/js/id_recaptcha.js, and classes/modules/recaptcha/js/id_recaptcha-min.js

IgnitionDeck Commerce


  • (Improvement) Update defunct [project_purchase_form] on error to provide information on why error is happening and how to fix it
  • (Update) Google eCommerce module update to G4 ahead of Google’s deprecation of the G3 scripts on July 1st 2023
  • (New) Added condition for global currency BTC
  • (New) Added BTC condition in all the price manipulation
  • (New) Added BTC price filter and support for 8 decimal places
  • (Update) Version bump
  • Changed files: idcommerce.php, idcommerce-shortcodes.php, idcommerce-filters.php, classes/modules/google_ecommerce/google_ecommerce_hooks.php, classes/modules/google_ecommerce/templates/admin/_googleEcommerceMenu.php, classes/modules/google_ecommerce/class-google_ecommerce.php, templates/_errorMsg.php, templates/admin/_settingsMenu.php, js/idcommerce.js, js/idcommerce-min.js, classes/modules/stripecheckout/templates/_checkoutStripeCheckoutDescriptionPreAuth.php, classes/modules/coinpayments/templates/_checkoutCoinPaymentsDescription.php, and classes/modules/stripecheckout/templates/_checkoutStripeCheckoutDescription.php

IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding


  • (New) Added condition for global currency BTC,
  • (New) Added BTC condition in all the price manipulation,
  • (New) Added BTC price filter and support for 8 decimal places,
  • (Update) Version bump
  • Files changed: ignitiondeck.php, ignitiondeck-filters.php, ignitiondeck-enterprise.php, classes/class-id_fes.php, classes/class-id_project.php, ign_metabox/idcf_metabox-min.js, ign_metabox/idcf_metabox.js, ign_metabox/init.php, templates/_lbLevelSelect.php

Have a great rest of your week!

— The IgnitionDeck Team
Jay, Emma, Baljinder, and Alex

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