The Evolution of Fundify & CrowdPress

We’re excited to announce that after numerous rounds of development and QA, the Fundify and CrowdPress themes have been upgraded in order to work with IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding. While this integration has been planned from the start, we chose to expedite it as a result of issues with the Fundify Crowdfunding plugin (formerly ATCF) and because of the numerous requests we received from customers wishing to use the two together.

How Does It Work?

The good news is that if you have already purchased a copy of either theme from, then you will automatically see the new versions (2.0 and 3.0 respectively) on your IgnitionDeck dashboard. When you update the plugin, you’ll have the option to continue using as-is with the Fundify Crowdfunding plugin, or switch to using it with IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding (requires 1.5+). You can change now or at any time in the future simply by selecting a new home page template and installing the necessary IgnitionDeck plugins. We recommend IgnitionDeck Enterprise.

If you do not own a copy of either theme, then you can still purchase the new editions directly from our crowdfunding theme directory.

Sunset Phase for Fundify Crowdfunding

As part of the natural evolution and consolidation of our product line, we have decided to place the Fundify Crowdfunding plugin on a sunset cycle, and in turn, stop providing support or download access to new customers.

If you have already purchased support or a theme from us and have access to the plugin, you will continue to receive access for the remainder of your license period. However, once the licenses of all current customers have expired, the plugin will be permanently removed from our dashboard, and support will permanently cease.

It is our hope that this will provide ample preparation time for those of you that wish to switch to IgnitionDeck, and give those that don’t time to wrap up any currently existing campaigns.

Making Good Themes Even Better

There are some prior features of Fundify and CrowdPress that didn’t make the cut, either because they weren’t consistent with the experience we want to provide, or required a feature that our plugin suite does not currently offer. Some examples of this are the author section, which saw several changes, and the countdown timer, which is missing the hours left enhancement.

We intend to continue enhancing our product line so that some of these features can return, and where they won’t, we plan to integrate in a way that makes sense for IgnitionDeck. In general though, now that these themes are integrated and consistent with the remainder of our product line, we can begin the task of iterating and improving them over time.

If you’ll notice, we rarely let themes die on the vine because we feel that does a disservice to our customers and to our themes, so this is just the start of what is to come, not only for these themes, but the rest of our lineup, present and future.

We really appreciate your patience and support as we’ve worked through this transition, and hope that you enjoy the end result!

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