The Future of Crowdfunding: Opportunities for Agencies and Freelancers

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Crowdfunding has come a long way since the early days of Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Today, hundreds of platforms cater to different niches, industries, and regions, each with unique features, audiences, and funding models.

As an agency owner or freelancer, keeping up with these developments and opportunities is important, as they can help you stay ahead of the competition, offer more value to your clients, and grow your business. In this article, we’ll explore the future of crowdfunding and what it means for agencies and freelancers who build sites for clients.

We’ll look at the latest trends, technologies, and use cases shaping the crowdfunding landscape and provide tips and insights on leveraging these to your advantage. Whether you’re a seasoned crowdfunding expert or just starting out, this article is for you. So let’s dive in and discover the future of crowdfunding!

How Agencies and Freelancers Can Profit from Targeting the Crowdfunding Niche

As the crowdfunding industry continues to evolve, more and more agencies and freelancers are entering the space, offering a range of services from platform design and development to campaign management and marketing. While there are many opportunities in this space, competition is also increasing, making it more challenging to stand out and win clients.

One way to differentiate yourself and offer more value to your clients is by using an open-source crowdfunding platform that you can control and customize. By leveraging an open-source platform, you can tailor the platform to your client’s specific needs and preferences, from branding and design to features and functionality.

In addition, such platforms are more cost-effective and profitable than using a proprietary platform, as you can avoid licensing fees and other expenses associated with closed platforms. Additionally, you control the platform, so you play by your own rules, not those of a walled garden solution. You also have the ability to sell your own crowdfunding software as a service, or perhaps a monthly hosting fee or maintenance plans, allowing you to generate ongoing revenue streams from your clients.

Another advantage of an open-source platform is the community that comes with it. Using an open-source platform gives you access to a community of developers, designers, and other professionals who can contribute to the platform’s development, offer support, and share knowledge and resources. This is evident in communities like WordPress and Drupal.

How Crowdfunding is Changing?

The biggest change, in my opinion, is the rise of Equity Crowdfunding. Think of Crowdfunding for Real Estate, platforms like Peer Brick or Fund Rise do that sort of thing. For Startup Crowdfunding, look no further than StartEngine.

The emergence of Blockchain and Crowdfunding — At IgnitionDeck, we’re big believers in Crypto, so much so we rolled out our CoinPayments integration last year.

Equity crowdfunding allows companies to sell shares of their ownership to the general public, rather than just to accredited investors. This makes it a more accessible option for startups and small businesses, who may not have the connections or resources to attract traditional investors.

There are a number of different equity crowdfunding platforms available, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Some of the most popular platforms include:

  • StartEngine: StartEngine is one of the largest equity crowdfunding platforms in the world. It offers a wide range of investment opportunities, from startups to established businesses.
  • Wefunder: Wefunder is a newer equity crowdfunding platform that is gaining popularity. It offers a more streamlined process for investors and makes it easy to find and research investment opportunities.
  • IgnitionDeck: Of course, we’re biased towards our homegrown platform but why wouldn’t we be? IgnitionDeck is the most flexible option out of the myriad hosted choices out there.

Niching Down…

Pat Flynn likes to say “The riches are in the niches.” Certainly, that’s an enticing strategy, niche down in a certain area and be the guy or gal who does the Crowdfunding thing!

Niche specialization in crowdfunding offers an incredible opportunity for agencies and freelancers to build a reputation as industry leaders. By concentrating your efforts on a specific aspect of crowdfunding, you can develop a deep understanding of the market’s unique requirements, challenges, and trends. This expertise not only helps in offering tailored solutions to clients but also sets you apart from the general competition.

Moreover, establishing yourself as a crowdfunding expert through free offerings like webinars and one-on-one consultations can be a highly effective way to showcase your knowledge and build trust with potential clients. These offerings allow you to share insights, provide value, and engage with a targeted audience that is already interested in the specific area of crowdfunding you specialize in. By investing time in educating and connecting with your audience, you can cultivate long-term relationships and convert interested prospects into loyal clients. Such a focused approach can result in enhanced client satisfaction, more referrals, and increased profitability for your agency or freelance business.

Always Be Offering…

In line with Michael Port’s principles in “Book Yourself Solid,” freelancers and agencies targeting the crowdfunding niche can leverage a variety of free offerings to demonstrate value and build trust and start filling their funnels.

Initiating free educational webinars on specialized crowdfunding topics, crafting comprehensive eBooks filled with industry insights, or hosting regular Q&A sessions on social media platforms can be powerful tools to attract and engage your target audience.

Offering complimentary one-on-one consultation sessions where you provide personalized advice and strategies, or running a free audit of a potential client’s existing crowdfunding campaign, are also effective ways to showcase your expertise.

  • Free Educational Webinars: Hosting webinars on specialized crowdfunding topics to share industry knowledge.
  • Comprehensive eBooks: Crafting eBooks filled with insights into crowdfunding, offering them for free as a valuable resource.
  • Regular Q&A Sessions: Running regular Q&A sessions on social media to answer specific questions and engage with your audience.
  • One-on-One Consultation Sessions: Providing complimentary consultations where personalized advice and strategies tailored to potential clients’ crowdfunding needs are shared.
  • Free Audit of Existing Campaigns: Offering a no-cost analysis or audit of a potential client’s current crowdfunding campaign to identify areas of improvement.

In Closing

In the rapidly evolving world of crowdfunding, establishing a niche focus and connecting with your target audience through tailored offerings can set you apart as an industry leader.

By implementing strategies such as hosting specialized webinars, providing insightful eBooks, engaging through Q&A sessions, offering personalized consultations, and conducting free audits, you build trust and showcase your unique expertise.

These actions are more than mere marketing techniques; they are a commitment to understanding, engaging, and delivering unmatched value to your clients. Embracing these principles can transform your approach, turning prospects into loyal clients and making your agency or freelance business a go-to authority in the crowdfunding space. Invest in these strategies, and watch your business thrive in this exciting and opportunity-rich field.

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