Stripe, IgnitionDeck, SCA and What it Means for You!

You may have received an email from Stripe talking about Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and you’re wondering what that means for your shop. The SCA requirements of the EU’s Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) take effect 14 Sept 2019, which is coming up soon!

If you are running a website that manages payments (ecommerce, donations, etc) or other services in the EU, you’re probably under pressure to make sure you’re SCA compliant. If you sell products or services within an EU member state then SCA definitely applies to you.

What is IgnitionDeck doing to prepare our customers for this change?

For IgnitionDeck customers, we have prepared an update to IgnitionDeck Commerce so that we are compliant with the forthcoming SCA regulation.

Specifically, we’ve integrated IgnitionDeck Commerce with Stripe’s updated payment module Stripe Checkout. Stripe Checkout will be the option to use for accepting credit cards going forward for those who are required to comply with SCA.

Stripe Checkout is pretty slick and the interface is lovely. It’s also more secure, supports different payment types, it also reduces risk to your business since you are no longer directly handling payments through your website.

To learn more, you can read up on Stripe’s SCA Compliance page.

Beta Testers

As we get closer to deploying this update to our Stripe module we’ll need folks to help us beta test. If you currently have a Stripe account, a valid IgnitionDeck license, and a staging/development environment, please let us know if you’d be interested in testing the updated ID Commerce module by opening a support ticket and requesting a beta copy.

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