IgnitionDeck Customer Case Study: Zaar

Are you looking for a Crowdfunding success story? Are you looking for a case study from an IgnitionDeck customer? Look no further than Zaar! As the first crowdfunding platform in Malta, Zaar has quickly become a leading force in the industry. Whether you’re looking to fund a new business venture or support a local cause, Zaar offers a user-friendly platform to help you reach your fundraising goals. With a team of experienced professionals and a commitment to community impact, Zaar is the perfect choice for your next crowdfunding campaign.

By the Numbers

Turnaround time

Approximately 60 days to launch, including development, design, and testing

Success Rate

85% percent of Zaar’s projects are successfully funded and exceed their Crowdfunding target!

The Malta Business Bureau and the University of Malta set up the Foundation for the Promotion of Entrepreneurial Initiatives (FPEI) to promote entrepreneurship in Malta and support local start-ups. The Zaar Crowdfunding Platform is the flagship project of the foundation.

Zaar is a donation/reward-based crowdfunding platform that offers an alternative solution to raise finance for projects and business ideas. They focus on funding businesses, startups, communities, and research. The primary niche here is that all initiatives reside within Malta! Giselle Borg Olivier presides over the day-to-day operations of Zaar, and she was kind enough to talk to us about her experience with IgnitionDeck.

Before IgnitionDeck

Before Zaar used IgnitionDeck, they had to rely on traditional fundraising methods, which could be time-consuming and limiting. They were looking for a way to expand their reach and make it easier for people to support their community initiatives. Additionally, they needed a way to manage donations, keep track of campaigns, and engage with supporters in a more streamlined manner. With IgnitionDeck, they could do all of this and more, allowing them to focus on their core mission of helping their local community thrive.

They needed something more robust to modify and design as they saw fit. IgnitionDeck was the right choice for their team.

Why Zaar Chose IgnitionDeck

Zaar chose IgnitionDeck because it provided the necessary features and functionalities for Zaar’s crowdfunding platform, such as multiple payment gateways, customizable themes, and campaign management tools. Additionally, IgnitionDeck’s reputation and flexibility gave the team the confidence to choose it as their crowdfunding platform solution.

The platform’s compatibility with WordPress, which Zaar already used, also influenced the decision. Giselle also appreciated the helpful and responsive support provided by IgnitionDeck’s team, which made the transition to the new platform smoother. IgnitionDeck met Zaar’s needs and expectations, making it the ideal choice for their crowdfunding platform.

Our favorite IgnitionDeck feature? Probably the support we receive. Emma is wonderful

— Giselle Borg Olivier

How Did Using IgnitionDeck Help Zaar’s Community?

One of the great things about Zaar is that they raise funds for many different causes. They’ve helped successfully raise funding for migrant women to purchase and operate a food truck so they can live a sustainable life in Malta. Zaar helped a man recover from injuries he received during an obstacle course race he participated in.

Another example is Zaar’s campaign they hosted for a local charity that helps disabled children. They helped them raise funds to purchase a special vehicle that they use to transport children to and from their activities. It was amazing to see how the community rallied around this cause and helped make a real difference in the lives of these children.

What We Like About Zaar

The Zaar website uses the Stellar Theme, and it’s highly customized and looks GREAT! Design and development were handled by The Concept Stadium. In addition to the bright and engaging design, it highlights how flexible IgnitionDeck’s themes are in capable hands.

Also, we love that Zaar focuses on community initiatives and business and startup funding. Many IgnitionDeck customers build their Crowdfunding Platforms around Equity Crowdfunding, so seeing community-based projects succeed is nice!

In Closing

The case study highlights the success story of Zaar and the profound and positive impact it’s had on its small island community. Crowdfunding can not only be a solid business model, but it can also be a force for change and empowering your community.

Using IgnitionDeck, Zaar has raised funds for various community initiatives, such as helping migrant women purchase a food truck, supporting an injured man, and assisting a local charity in purchasing a special vehicle for disabled children. These campaigns showcase how crowdfunding can unite a community to help individuals achieve their dreams and overcome obstacles.

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