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charity-theme-home-screenshotAs a company that is very active in supporting non-profits, we believe charity fundraising to be one of the most exciting segments in the crowdfunding space. This is why we’ve spent the past several months developing a new set of fundraising modules for IgnitionDeck, and why we’re excited to take the next step and reveal our charity theme for WordPress.

Truth be told, since IgnitionDeck started, it’s been used by an overwhelming number of not-for-profit organizations to fundraise in many different ways.  The BabyWarm animal rehabilitation fundraising platform is a perfect example of that. What we hadn’t done, at least until now, was create a theme that zeroed in on exactly what makes a charity fundraising project different from a crowdfunding rewards based project.

Today we get to change that.

The first step in moving away from crowdfunding, and towards non-profit fundraising (in this theme at least), was tackling the design in a way that paid homage to some of the more popular online fundraising platforms, while also accommodating features specific to IgnitionDeck. The result is a modern and fresh fundraising theme for WordPress that takes IgnitionDeck to an all new level. 

Upon release, the charity fundraising theme will be accompanied by the addition of even more charity-based features in IgnitionDeck, some of which have already been released. Two of the more popular modules in this list are Anonymous Checkout and Profile Donations, both of which have been oft requested over the past year.  Other features on the way include a simplified front-end submission form and a way for project creators to manually submit offline donations to their project.

Charity Crowdfunding Theme

Our mission in crafting this design was to achieve four core objectives:

  1. Uncluttered
    Many themes these days have a lot more bells and whistles than should realistically be in action, causing the sites to feel overwhelming and cluttered.  Charity theme’s design is clean and relaxed; the experience of navigating it is a breath of fresh air.
  2. Focused
    Working to maintain a singular focus at any time, this charity theme features large photos, appropriate white space, and only the most pertinent information on screen at any time.
  3. Trustworthy
    As much as a theme itself can say trustworthy we feel this charity theme accomplishes that goal with its superb integration with the IgnitionDeck plugin suite and the thoughtful attention to detail.
  4. Bold
    A donate button sits in the upper right as an explicit invitation to do exactly what you need your visitors to do.  Don’t tip toe around this aspect, as it’s the lifeblood of your NGO.

We believe we’ve created a theme that achieves these objectives, and will be a powerful tool in the hands of users seeking to fundraise on WordPress. We hope you agree. Expect news on a release date very soon!

Theme Design Preview Screenshots



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