How CrowdScrum Transformed Community Fundraising with IgnitionDeck

When it comes to crowdfunding, small organizations often struggle to secure the necessary resources to support their projects. They face challenges such as limited reach, lack of technical know-how, and restrictive costs associated with many crowdfunding platforms. However, time and time again, we’ve seen how community-driven crowdfunding can harness the power of community to help advance initiatives and how it can be used to help one another.

Enter CrowdScrum—a trailblazing fundraising platform founded by veteran sponsor and fundraiser Adrian Stores. Focused on democratizing the crowdfunding process for grassroots sports clubs and community groups in the UK, CrowdScrum leverages innovative solutions to help these organizations achieve their goals.

This case study explores how CrowdScrum, powered by the IgnitionDeck platform, has revolutionized community crowdfunding by providing a user-friendly and cost-effective solution that enables even the smallest projects to make a significant impact.

About CrowdScrum

CrowdScrum is an innovative fundraising platform focused on helping UK community organizations and sports clubs. Founded five years ago by Adrian Stores, who has over 30 years of experience in sponsorship and fundraising, the platform democratizes fundraising for smaller organizations lacking the resources to engage professional agencies.

Mission and Objectives:

CrowdScrum aims to make fundraising accessible and cost-effective for grassroots sports organizations and community projects, helping them secure funds for equipment, competitions, and community initiatives.

Industry and Sector Focus:

The platform primarily supports grassroots sports teams and community groups, enabling projects that make a tangible impact, especially in sports, leisure, and mental health sectors.

Key Figures and Founding History:

Adrian Stores, leveraging his extensive network and fundraising expertise, created CrowdScrum to meet the needs of smaller, community-focused organizations.

Notable Achievements:

  • Launched over 30 fundraising projects.
  • Supported campaigns for organizations like Manchester Rugby Club and Zebra Rugby.
  • Enabled community groups to achieve their goals without high consultancy fees.

CrowdScrum is not just a fundraising platform but a philanthropic initiative committed to giving back to the community, driven by a shared ethos of support and success.

Challenges Faced

Before IgnitionDeck, CrowdScrum encountered several challenges common to many community crowdfunding efforts:

Limited Reach:

Many small organizations and community groups struggled to gain the visibility needed to attract backers. Existing platforms weren’t optimized for their needs, making it difficult for their campaigns to stand out and reach a broader audience.

Technical Complexity:

The crowdfunding platform initially used by CrowdScrum, Sponsorized.me, was not user-friendly. Developed in France, the platform had a clunky interface that created significant barriers for project creators and donors. Language barriers and technical limitations further complicate the user experience, making it difficult to navigate the platform effectively.

High Costs:

Utilizing a professional crowdfunding service often comes with prohibitive costs, which is counterproductive for small organizations with limited budgets. These fees significantly reduced the net funds available for the actual projects, undermining the whole purpose of the crowdfunding effort.

Administrative Burden:

Managing projects was highly manual and labor-intensive. This included everything from setting up campaigns, processing payments, and maintaining regular updates. The lack of automation and streamlined processes placed a heavy administrative burden on the CrowdScrum team, diverting time and resources from their core mission.

Adrian Stores explored alternatives in search of a more efficient and effective solution. After extensive research and consultation, he was introduced to IgnitionDeck—a platform that promised a more user-friendly interface, better integration with WordPress, and the necessary tools to streamline the crowdfunding process. This marked the beginning of CrowdScrum’s transformation, leveraging IgnitionDeck to overcome these critical challenges and turn their vision into reality.

The Best Crowdfunding Solution: IgnitionDeck

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Why CrowdScrum Chose IgnitionDeck:

In searching for an optimal crowdfunding solution, CrowdScrum needed a user-friendly and highly functional platform. Adrian Stores, leveraging his deep expertise in sponsorship and fundraising, conducted thorough research to identify an alternative to the cumbersome platforms previously used. He was introduced to IgnitionDeck by a trusted contact who spoke highly of its capabilities and ease of use.

Research and Discovery Process:

Adrian invested time in understanding the various crowdfunding solutions available. The criteria were clear: the platform had to be adaptable, integrate easily with existing systems, and provide robust support. IgnitionDeck stood out for its seamless integration with WordPress, allowing for easy customization and management, which was crucial for CrowdScrum’s needs. Not only did IgnitionDeck provide the necessary features, but It Also provided unmatched quality support, and our Valet Service was also a compelling option in Stores’ decision-making process.

Key Features and Benefits of IgnitionDeck:

  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive design makes navigating easy for project creators and donors.
  • WordPress Integration: Seamless integration with WordPress, enabling extensive customization.
  • Support and Flexibility: Responsive technical support and flexibility in customization through APIs and themes.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Reduced costs compared to traditional crowdfunding platforms, allowing more funds to go directly to projects.

Implementation Process and Support Received:

Upon selecting IgnitionDeck, CrowdScrum embarked on the implementation process, again using our Valet Service. IgnitionDeck’s technical team provided extensive assistance, including pivotal support from Emma, IgnitionDeck’s Customer Success Manager. This ensured a smooth transition and mitigated any technical hurdles along the way. Emma’s role was crucial in guiding the integration and customization processes, ensuring CrowdScrum could fully leverage IgnitionDeck’s features.

Technical Overview

To ensure the success of its crowdfunding initiatives, CrowdScrum leverages a suite of advanced WordPress plugins and themes alongside IgnitionDeck. These tools provide the necessary functionality, customization, and efficiency to create a seamless user experience for project creators and donors. Below is an overview of the key technical components used and their specific contributions to CrowdScrum’s success.

Echelon / ID Commerce

  • Purpose: Echelon is a premium theme developed by IgnitionDeck, tailored specifically for crowdfunding and e-commerce sites. ID Commerce extends these functionalities with advanced e-commerce capabilities.
  • Contribution: This combination of Echelon and ID Commerce ensures a professional and cohesive e-commerce experience on the CrowdScrum platform.


  • Purpose: Settlement is an IgnitionDeck theme that handles the website’s look and feel and overall visual identity.
  • Contribution: This theme with some minimal customization, takes the CrowdScrum web presence from amateur to professional! Their site looks great on desktop and mobile and handles all the functionality a Crowdfunding website requires!

Better Sharing

  • Purpose: Better Sharing is a plugin designed to enhance social media sharing capabilities for WordPress sites.
  • Contribution: By integrating Better Sharing, CrowdScrum enables project creators and backers to share campaigns across various social media platforms easily. This amplification effect increases each project’s reach and visibility, attracting more potential donors and enhancing overall campaign success.

PayPal and E-Commerce

  • Purpose: PayPal is a widely used online payment system that supports secure transactions.
  • Contribution: Integrating PayPal into the CrowdScrum platform allows for secure, reliable, and familiar donor payment processing. It supports credit card payments and direct PayPal transactions, giving donors multiple options to contribute to campaigns. This flexibility helps increase the overall number of donations and enhances the donor experience. 
  • Why Not WooCommerce? IgnitionDeck integrates with WooCommerce for maximum e-commerce capabilities and flexibility. However, ID Commerce works out of the box and is simpler to use than a full-fledged e-commerce platform like Woo. Ease of use and less administration overhead were key factors in this decision.

How These Tools Helped

  • Ease of Use: Combining these plugins and themes created a user-friendly interface for project creators and donors. This ease of use is crucial for maintaining high engagement and satisfaction levels.
  • Customization and Flexibility: Each component is highly customizable, allowing CrowdScrum to tailor the platform to meet specific needs and branding requirements. This flexibility ensures that the platform remains relevant and effective across diverse projects.
  • Efficiency: Themes like Settlement and plugin integrations, such as with PayPal, automate crucial financial processes, reducing manual workload and the risk of errors. Having a great-looking theme from the start reduces the customization required from web teams. This efficiency allows the CrowdScrum team to focus on more strategic aspects of their mission.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Better Sharing significantly boosts projects’ visibility on social media, driving more traffic and potential backers to campaigns. Combined with the professional presentation provided by the Echelon/ID Commerce theme, this enhances each project’s overall reach and impact.

By leveraging these advanced WordPress tools, CrowdScrum has created a robust, scalable, and user-friendly crowdfunding platform that effectively meets the needs of grassroots organizations and community projects.

Results — Launching With IgnitionDeck

Impact of Using IgnitionDeck:

Since implementing IgnitionDeck, CrowdScrum has achieved remarkable success within its community crowdfunding efforts. Here are some key results:

Number of Projects Supported:

  • Over 30 Projects Launched Successfully: IgnitionDeck’s seamless integration and user-friendly interface allowed CrowdScrum to efficiently manage and support many projects. These projects have spanned various community and sports initiatives, significantly impacting their respective causes.

Examples of Successful Campaigns:

  • Manchester Rugby Club: One notable example is the fundraising campaign for the Manchester Rugby Club’s mini and junior sections. The club needed funds for shower-proof jackets for young players. Leveraging IgnitionDeck, they successfully raised the required amount, ensuring the kids had the proper gear to stay dry and maintain team identity.
  • Zebra Rugby: Another significant project was the Zebra Rugby initiative, which aimed to promote mental resilience and awareness among young people. The campaign raised funds to send a group of young athletes to participate in the Istanbul Sevens. This effort provided immediate financial support and laid the foundation for a broader program to help young people from deprived neighborhoods cultivate mental fortitude.

Improved User Experience:

  • Intuitive Interface: IgnitionDeck’s user-friendly platform made it easier for project creators to set up and manage their campaigns. This streamlined process helped to attract more backers and increased overall engagement.
  • Enhanced Donor Interaction: The platform’s design ensures a smooth donation process, resulting in higher donor satisfaction and greater willingness to contribute to future campaigns.

Administrative Efficiency:

  • Reduced Manual Workload: By automating many administrative tasks previously handled manually, IgnitionDeck allowed the CrowdScrum team to redirect their efforts toward strategic activities and overall project support.
  • Better Project Management: The platform’s robust tools provided comprehensive insights and tracking capabilities, making it simpler for the CrowdScrum team to monitor progress and optimize campaigns in real time.

Additional Benefits:

  • Cost-Effective Solution: IgnitionDeck’s lower costs than other crowdfunding platforms meant that a higher percentage of funds raised went directly to the projects, maximizing each campaign’s impact.
  • Support and Customization: The continuous support from IgnitionDeck’s team, especially technical assistance provided by Emma, ensured that any issues were resolved quickly, allowing for smoother operations and sustained success.

The Outcome: Getting to the other side with IgnitionDeck

Adrian Stores, Founder of CrowdScrum:
“IgnitionDeck provided us with the flexibility and support we needed. Their team, especially Emma, was instrumental in our successful implementation.”

Positive Outcomes:
“The platform has greatly improved our ability to manage projects and engage with our community.”

Success Stories:

  • Manchester Rugby Club: “IgnitionDeck enabled us to raise the funds needed for new equipment efficiently and effectively.”
  • Zebra Rugby: “Thanks to IgnitionDeck and CrowdScrum, we were able to participate in the Istanbul Sevens, significantly expanding our program.”

Success Metrics:

  • Funding Goals Met: Since implementing IgnitionDeck, over 75% of projects on CrowdScrum have successfully met or exceeded their funding goals.
  • Increased Donations: The average donation amount per project increased by 40% due to the improved user experience and streamlined donation process.
  • Project Turnaround Time: Thanks to IgnitionDeck’s intuitive interface and tools, the time required to set up and launch a new crowdfunding campaign was reduced by 50%.

Recap and Final Thoughts:

CrowdScrum’s collaboration with IgnitionDeck has significantly transformed its community crowdfunding efforts. By adopting IgnitionDeck’s flexible and user-friendly platform, CrowdScrum has supported over 30 projects, ranging from local sports clubs to broader community initiatives. Critical features like seamless WordPress integration, comprehensive support from the IgnitionDeck team, and a highly adaptable interface have played crucial roles in this success.

IgnitionDeck’s impact is evident in several areas:

  • Increased Project Success: More projects launched and met or exceeded funding goals.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Both project creators and donors found the platform easier to navigate, leading to higher engagement and satisfaction.
  • Operational Efficiency: Automating administrative tasks and using detailed reporting tools allowed the CrowdScrum team to focus on strategic objectives and client support.

Final Endorsement and Recommendation:

The partnership between CrowdScrum and IgnitionDeck is a compelling example of how the right tools can elevate an organization’s capabilities and impact. Adrian Stores and his team highly recommend IgnitionDeck for any organization seeking a reliable, flexible, cost-effective crowdfunding solution.

By leveraging IgnitionDeck, CrowdScrum continues to fulfill its mission of democratizing the crowdfunding process and making a substantial difference in the lives of community members. Moving forward, CrowdScrum is well-positioned to scale up its efforts, support more projects, and broaden its reach while maintaining the high standards of effectiveness and engagement that IgnitionDeck has made possible.

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