IgnitionDeck Enterprise Now Includes Your Favorite Crowdfunding Theme

In our last post about passing the value down, we went into great detail about how continuous development on a product creates the ability to steadily offer more value at a better or identical price point.  IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding will now be free outright, and IgnitionDeck Commerce will, for the first time ever, have a free version.  Our child theme 500 Classic was once $49, and is now free to all.

IgnitionDeck Enterprise is, and will always be, the more powerful and robust version of our consumer product offerings. And thus, the price will not be changing.  That doesn’t mean, however, that we can’t provide more value to our customers, for the same price.

Free Crowdfunding Theme with IgnitionDeck Enterprise

We built IgnitionDeck to be theme independent.  This is because we know that many businesses already have their websites setup and running, and want to be able to seamlessly integrate IgnitionDeck with their existing setup.  However, as we began to create more themes, we saw that our Enterprise customers were always purchasing a theme with it.  With this understanding of our customers’ needs, we saw the opportunity to bundle Enterprise with a premium theme, and make the purchasing decision even easier.

Each of our premium crowdfunding themes are $99, which would normally mean that by bundling, we could offer a small discount and probably sell the bundle for $499. This, however, isn’t in line with our philosophy of passing the value down. So instead, we concluded that by allowing you to select the theme of your choice for free with the purchase of IgnitionDeck Enterprise, you would be in a better position to get started quickly and launch your website faster.

Giving you a theme for free with the regular price of IgnitionDeck Enterprise also highlighted the fact that often times, picking just one theme is tough.  As developers, we understand that sometimes getting a few themes installed and trying them on is the best way to realize which one best fits your vision. To solve that problem, we created the Enterprise+Theme Bundle option, which gives you all of our themes for only $99 more.  This means you’re now getting eight themes for $99 rather than just one!

Installation for the Savvy Business Owner

IgnitionDeck Enterprise is a very popular choice for the business person looking to start their own crowdfunding website, but sometimes getting everything installed and setup can sometimes be the difference between letting it linger into non-existence, and actually launching the website.  It’s hard to find time to learn how to use it, let alone how to install and set it up.

This is one of the reasons that IgnitionDeck Valet, our paid installation service, has been so successful over the past few years, even before we included a free theme with the purchase of both IgnitionDeck Enterprise and Valet. Still, we think we can do better, which is why we’ve modified that package, now called Enterprise Hyperdrive, to now include all eight of our themes for free.  This is an additional savings of another $99 off to anyone who would simply like to make their lives easier and be able to focus on the business building rather than the nitty gritty of installing and setting up software.

Getting Started Has Never Been Easier

The decision to use IgnitionDeck Enterprise to build your white-label crowdfunding platform is now easier than ever.  With a full year of support and updates available to you, all for a single price (no monthly fees), you can start on your great idea now and know you have access to our support engineers to help answer your questions along the way.  Once you’ve launched your website, and you’re ready, be sure to share it with us so we can set up an interview with you for a success story and inspire others to build their business just like you.

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